Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gather Some Sun For Me...

I started writing this blog not only to illuminate touristic sights and good restaurants but also the culture and people of Turkey. With this thought in mind, on days like this when the sun refuses to come out and warm our souls, I am finding solace in this favorite Turkish folk song. The lyrics are by Zulfu Livaneli a famous artist of many talents, from song writer,movie director, to journalist and even politician. "Gather Some Sun For Me"  is executed by Leman Sam, accompanied by the traditional string instrument of  Turkish folk music, saz. Photographs are from Turgutreis, Bodrum, taken by photographer Muhtar Yavasca.

Gather Some Sun For Me
Dawn-wind, Go up to the mountains,
Gather some sun for me
Send word to four corners of the world, sweetheart
Gather some sun for me

From amidst hopes
From those dark eyelashes
From the wound in the bosom, sweetheart
Gather some sun for me

Dawn-wind, from the eyes of the beloved,
From the bird trails in the air
From the night sky, sweetheart
Gather some sun for me

Please visit Muhtar Yavasca's blog to explore more beautiful photographs from Turkey. 

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