Friday, August 5, 2011

Istanbul... my kind of town

We are back in Istanbul and I am really looking forward to writing about the city of my heart.
My first stop was Istanbul Modern, the museum of contemporary art.  Every Thursday the museum is open til 8.00pm and there is no entrance fee. I used this excuse to go visit and not only immerse myself in some amazing art work but also one of the best views of Istanbul.

Istanbul Modern, a renovated warehouse, is located in a very unique part of the city, Karakoy, a port and business district in Istanbul,which makes seeing huge cruise ships docked right in front of the museum a very common occurrence.  

There is an exhibition set up on the first floor, 'New Works New Horizons' from their permanent collection which was about the evolution of modern and contemporary art in Turkey. It's a very interesting and enlightening exhibit that sheds some light on Turkey's unique existence as a modern, secular, Muslim country.     Even if you are not a fan of contemporary art, Istanbul Modern is worth a visit just to have a drink at it's restaurant with magnificent views.  I also have to confess to being awed every single time I see the unique baroque influenced Nusretiye Mosque standing tall behind the parking lot of the museum - it's such a perfect combination of the diversity that is part of the very fabric of Istanbul.                                                                             

Istanbul Modern
Meclis'i Mebusan Caddesi
Liman Isletmeleri Sahasi Antrepo
No: 4
Karakoy / ISTANBUL
Tel  212 334 7300

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