Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Akaretler - the hippest neighborhood for shopping

The architectural study of the Akaretler Row Houses was completed by Sarkis Balyan in late 19th century. These residences are one of the best examples of the civil architecture of 1870s with their neoclassical front design, lacking the influence of the previous Baroque and Rococo styles. These forms were the direct reflection of the first westernization moves, which affected the Ottoman Empire, not only in fields of science, art, agriculture and trade but also architecture and housing styles in the first quarter of 19th century. Row Houses are the first examples of the change at the time, from traditional stonework/wooden to stone or brick houses with 4-6 story row or block dwellings and detached houses with gardens.  1

The Akaretler Row Houses have been turned into galleries, restaurants and high-end shops as well as residences.

A trip to Akaretler is worth it just to see Sevan Bicakci's store.  He is an artistic genius whose work belongs in galleries and museums instead of jewelry stores.

Sevan Bicakci
Visnezade Mah. Sair Nedim Cad. No. 3 (1A)
Akaretler, Besiktas 34357
Tel:  +90 212 236 9199

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There are a row of cafe and restaurants where you can sit and rest or just people watch.
Sair Nedim Caddesi No.14
+90 212 258 2195


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