Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From the Seaside to the Back-alleys of Bodrum in the Morning...

The View from Mado's terrace near Cumhuriyet Cadde in Bodrum

If you are ever in Bodrum early in the morning, before the heat and the crowds - around 10.00am the latest, I suggest a trip to Yunuslar, the most famous bakery in all of Bodrum to pick up whatever catches your fancy. After the difficult job of trying to figure out what to pick out of all their mouthwatering choices, you should start looking for a place by the water that has coffee or tea to sit and enjoy a great breakfast.  It turns out the Mado across the street from Yunuslar is owned by the same proprietor, making the act of bringing in food with you problem free.

Tarihi Yunuslar Firini
Bodrum Carsi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi,
Tel: 0252 316 1748

After breakfast we went back to our car as quickly as possible - heat had stared to set in by 11.00 am.  I still managed to take a couple of photographs of the back alleys of Bodrum.

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