Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gumusluk - Yalikavak Road - one of the best sunsets in the Peninsula

Kuklaci on the Gumusluk-Yalikavak road

I realize I keep on writing about Gumusluk under different headings but it is one of my favorite spots on the peninsula so I just can't help myself. The day we went to Koyunbaba, after lunch, we decided to have our afternoon tea and catch the sunset at Gumusluk, since they are only about five minutes apart by car (if you drive directly... without any photo stops for cute puppet stands - kuklaci - on the road.)

Once you get into Gumusluk you have to park your car in one of the parking lots that are right at the entrance of the little town center.  As soon as we were out of our car,  Ozlem took us to her favorite spot which was the Sanatcilar Carsisi (Artisan's Arcade.)

After walking around and drinking tea as the sun started to set in Gumusluk we hit the road to catch the Sun as it went down for the day in one amazing finale. 

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