Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gumusluk - The most enchanting town in Bodrum

Gumusluk is probably my favorite place in Bodrum.  I particularly like to go there early in the morning to pick up some pastries from a bakery nearby and have tea at the public tea garden.

It has a small seaside that is filled with restaurants one next to the other - these are usually fish restaurants that fill up in the evening.

It is possible to have breakfast at this tiny cafe (Mandarin) by the water as well.  They serve the best cheese and olives with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from their own garden (basic Turkish breakfast.) There are also homemade jams that are to die for.  We had breakfast with unlimited tea and paid 25TL per person. But while we were waiting for the breakfast to arrive, we tasted their peynirli pogaca (cheese filled salty pastries); I am planning to go back just for their freshly baked goods next time.

One of the reasons I like Gumusluk so much is it's close proximity to where we are staying at Yahsi plus driving from scenic flat country roads that leads into it as oppose to winding down steep mountains.

I will have many more pictures later on...


  1. I haven't visited Gumusluk early in the morning, but when we visted in June - it was really quiet during the day, and it was a joy to wander around. I love this part of the peninsula.

  2. It was probably quiet due to the month. July is high season and it can get overwhelming at times, but early mornings are always perfect :)

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