Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying Bodrum while the city sleeps...

My favorite time to experience any place is always early in the morning, before its occupants wake up.  My husband and I got the opportunity to enjoy this experience this morning when we had to get up at 6 to take our son into Bodrum to catch the bus for the airport.  After we dropped him off we were in a very different city than the one we have been used to seeing.  Bodrum asleep... It was around seven and the famous party town was mostly populated with the few people who were still out from the previous night.

We drove down towards the water and looked for an open place where we could have our morning  tea.  We found a bufe we were familiar with from Istanbul, Marmaris Bufe, ordered our sandwiches, tea and proceeded to the park benches across the street.  Mehmet had their famous dilli sandwich (with sliced tongue and pickles) and I had my favorite, cift kasarli tost (grilled cheese with double kasseri.)

The heat had not started to scorch the town yet and we sat in pure bliss, drinking our tea and feeling the slight breeze that was coming our way from the sea.  The only activity to break up the silence was the slow motion of the sailboats as they moved in and out of their spots to take to the sea and make room for newcomers...  The only thought to occupy my mind was "this is my moment in time."  It was definitely a zesty moment that I will cherish in the long, cold New Jersey days to come.

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  1. Early morning in Bodrum is my favourite time. We like nothing better than walking to where the fishing boats are moored; sit at the local cafe; order a Turkish Coffee, and watch the fishermen get their nets ready for the day.