Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Bodrum Classic Not to be Missed

Last year when we were in Bodrum, our friend Ali, an expert on goodeats, recommended an ice-cream store alongside authentic Turkish and seafood restaurants, for the best places to eat in Bodrum. Bitez Dondurma (Ice-Cream) is not just another ice-cream shop; they make their ice-cream the old fashioned way, by churning crushed fresh organic fruits without any additives, not even sugar. This place is like heaven for a diabetic where they have so many pure fruit flavors they can enjoy without a worry besides the sinfully delicious flavors for the rest of us like chocolate, honey and almonds, capucchino-biscotti, caramel and my personal favorite damla sakizi (gum mastic). This is something that should be experienced not explained. They have been in their flagship store in Bitez square since their opening in 1995 but now with their five new locations, experiencing the out-of-this-world tastes of Bitez Dondurma has gotten much easier.

Bitez Dondurma it's in Turkish but the pictures are great)
Ataturk Cad. 48 A/3-4
Tel: 0252 363 9345

Cevat Sakir Cad. 20/F
Tel:  0252 313 3629

D-Marin Karsisi (Across the street from the Marina, D-Marin)
Tel:  0252 383 1046

Carsi Ici (Inside the main bazaar)
Tel:  0252 385 3712


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