Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day of Summer

A fisherman's boat and a steam-boat on the Bosphorus where it meets the Black Sea  (Istanbul)

Today is the official beginning of the summer season, and perfect opportunity for me to start the blog I had been contemplating for some time, about travel, food, family, and making connections.   One of the happiest of times for myself is when I am traveling... sometimes to unknown lands and other times to all too familiar ones... But wherever the wind may take me whether it be the little Italian restaurant right in our neighborhood or the beaches on the Aegean Sea, thousands of miles away, I can usually find something to relish about the whole affair.  Having a natural curiosity and an abundant zest for life, I seem to stumble upon some great places or prospects for significant experiences. They say knowledge is worthless if not shared.  I agree and want to share my own travelogues here with the world...