Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My morning's excursion was to Gundogan today.  It took me about half an hour to get there.  I parked my car outside a government building by the water and started to walk the promenade.  There were a couple of souvenir stands behind the public beach; I noticed a necklace I liked in the first one that was open and struck up a conversation with the lovely lady behind the counter, Neriman Hanim.  I found out that they had moved to Bodrum back in 1996 and were very happy living here.  I am always asking the locals I meet about life in the winter months here, trying to gauge if my husband and I could do it.  For the first time, the insight I got from Neriman Hanim, left me with a positive image.  Both husband and wife seemed very healthy and content with their lives.  We parted wishing each other good luck and I headed for the cafe they recommended to have my tea.   

The Gundogan Bay has a relatively small shoreline with some very charming private homes amongst all the little hotels.

The biggest area right in the middle is a free, public beach.  Two hours and three glasses of tea later, I just had to go and take a dip in the water that had been beckoning me the whole time.  It was amazing.  After my swim, I just pulled on my jumpsuit, walked back to my car and drove home.  I could really get used to this lifestyle.

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